Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Thankful Heart

Where do I begin? For my family, for my health, for the food on my table....for my table! For the fact that Almighty God considers me a friend. I am so thankful!
Here's the eldest daughter (she's the second one from the right...with the goofy eyes) at her pre-school thanksgiving lunch. It's been fun learning the whole American thanksgiving story as Jerusha learns it. We had the honour of joining some dear friends for their thanksgiving meal, we had a great time watching football, playing games and chasing kids around.
We also had a former student from Washington at our home for the long weekend. Mike Moorman just came in from Iraq 10 days before thanksgiving (his base is 4 hours from Cincinnati) and was able to join us. We are so grateful that he is back in the country and safe and it was an honour to have him at our house. Jerusha had him making mud pies with her in the back yard and playing football. Naomi was unsure about Mike, but by the end of the weekend she was hugging and blowing kisses.

Friday, November 21, 2008

House Update

I thought I'd take a minute and fill you in on our house situation. We are still currently at the Sabbath House, the church's parsonage. We have been waiting a long, long time to hear about the house that we put an offer on. We have come to understand that the situation (banks are nervous, the economic bailout, and the former owners filing for bankruptcy, the fact that there are two banks involved) is to blame for the long wait. We heard that they are now working on our offer, but every "back and forth" is taking a long time. In the meantime, we have begun to look elsewhere. It's very difficult to let the house go (which technically we haven't yet, we're still in contract with it) and understand that it may not be where we will call home, BUT, it's just a house, and we know that where ever God places us we will be happy and very thankful. I am looking forward to serving supper on our dishes and putting my babies to bed in their own beds. So, we would covet your prayers that this situation would be resolved soon and that we would continue to rely on God's faithfulness.

Mama Knows

Can you tell the difference? Noamers has a much loved "blankie". So loved, in fact, that she carries it everywhere, much like Linus from Charlie Brown. Anyways, knowing my daughter, I decided to buy a back-up, just in case something should happen to the original. Tonight I caught a whiff of Original Blankie and whew! It was stinky, no wait, it was stanky! (this happens when a toddler sucks on it daily). It happened to be close to bed time so I took the OB (original...) and gave Noamers the NB (New Blankie). She looked at it, felt it and then...she smelled it. She looked up at me and gave it right back. I tried it a little later and it was a no-go. What was I

thinking? A mama always knows her own!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Jerusha Moment

Just a quick story that made me chuckle and I thought I'd share it with you...

We were looking at our wedding pictures, Jerusha loves all things flowers and pretty dresses. So she asks "where was I?" I told her that she wasn't there. She hadn't been born yet. She understands that babies that aren't born yet are in their Mom's tummies, so the next question..."was I in your tummy?" "no" I reply and go on to tell her that grown-ups fall in love, get married and then have children. Puzzled and a little perplexed my eldest daughter then asks...."was I in the bathroom?" at which point I could tell she was getting very concerned and finally she whirls around at looks at me incredulously, "DID YOU LEAVE ME AT HOME?!?!?" Apparently it was very inconsiderate of Jeremy and me to not invite her to her own parents' wedding.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Our church tried a new event where people from the church bring their cars to the parking lot (wait, it gets better) and decorate their trunks. They provide a bunch of candy and the kids can go from car to car trick or treating. We had a great time together and many people from the community brought their kids. This was the first time that either of our girls had ever trick or treated. Now that Jerusha has seen how this whole deal works, with the dressing up and the free candy well, she was quite impressed. Naomi had a good time being a monkey, she was by far the cutest as she enjoyed roaming free. Jerusha was a beautiful Cinderella and charmed all who met her.