Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hockey Night in Cincinnati

Alright, so it may not look like it, but this is the girls playing their version of hockey. Jerusha found something that had a stick on it and we "dropped the puck". Unfortunately, I took the picture when Jerusha incurred a 2 minute penalty for tripping. Keep your stick on the ice!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Beginning...

This September, Jerusha started preschool. I have to admit I'm still getting over it. She goes to King of Kings Preschool and her teacher is Mrs. Fenstermaker. She's doing such a good job. She's beginning to read and her printing is coming along ("s" is a tricky one!) It's amazing to think that this is just the beginning of a long road of education. We always knew she was a genius, now she'll just have to prove us right (we're counting on scholarships for college!). We are so proud of her.
Here's her class on a field trip to the local fire department.

Thank You Auntie Pam

Jerusha's first dental experience was not a good all. So immediately afterwards I called up Pam and told her what had happened and like the good Auntie that she is, she got Roo back in the chair and made it all better. Thank you so much Pam!

Go West Young Man...Woman...and Children...

During our time in the west, we went back to Washington and visited our former church and saw some dear friends. we also took a bit of time to see the ocean...something I think everyone should see. I know Noamers won't remember it, but we have pictures :)

Something about the ocean, about the big-ness of it points to how big my God is. I find it easy to be made aware of how small I am and how immense His love for me must be that he would think of me.

Welcome to the shore, little one!

I found a moment.....

In the True North

This summer, we went for an adventure! The entire Stobbe clan went up to "the Lake" a place my family has been going to since I was 2. I have a lot of wonderful memories there and it was thrilling to make some new memories with my own family. Taking bike rides with Jerusha, walking with Naomi, riding dirt bikes in the mountains with Jeremy...I completely understand why my parents spent the money on such a place. That is something I really appreciate about my parents. I know there were other places they could have spent their money, but they chose to invest in a place were we could be together and make memories...relationships first.

Here's Grandpa Stobbe with the newest Biker Babe!

Dad and John took on the 3 amigos. Isaac and Roo loved being in the canoe...Megan loved stepping back on dry land!

Jerusha had a blast camping. That girl was made to be outside! (she's a girl after my own heart!) She got Uncle Tim to teach her how to make the best s'mores in the whole world...and Tim, you'd be proud, we made s'mores the other day and she hasn't forgotten her lesson. She also got Uncle John to teach her how to fish....something that I refuse to be a part of on the account that I hate fish. But Jerusha loved it. She got a bunch of motorbike rides from anyone that would agree to it.

My apologies...I haven't kept this up as diligently as I wanted to we go.....are you ready?


Our sweet baby turned 1 on August 9th. We had her party at Mom and Dad's (Stobbe's) house with our dear family. It was such a treat to be together. I am so proud of Naomi.....she has become such a darling. She likes to check everything out before she tries something. She's thoughtful about the things she does.....and she's incredibly cute! She's also very loyal. The other day a comb (of all things) caught her fancy and she held on to that comb the entire day. She played with one hand, she ate with one hand, she pulled her sister's hair with one hand all so she could keep her paws on her comb. Finally at the end of the day I was able to extract it from her hand once she fell asleep. Her character is coming out and we love watching her as each day she has something to new to show us.