Sunday, June 29, 2008

House Update

I thought I'd get everyone up to date on our house situation. We finished the sale of our house in Aberdeen in March. We were so grateful for such a sweet first house and we have so many treasured memories there. Two weeks later we found the house that we would like to make our home. It's considered a "short sale" and it's been a bit of a tricky situation. We entered our offer to the owners and two banks that hold their mortgages, it was accepted by all three parties (which is great) and now the three parties are in negotiations about what to do with the money from the sale and the rest of the money that is owed (which is not so great). We heard that in these situations once the negotiations are complete the banks want to close in about a week (which is super-great). So we wait....again. I've begun packing and preparing for a quick move.

The house is wonderful, however it does need some cosmetic help before we can move in. So we're dreaming about colours and carpets. I am very ready to go home and make a safe place for my family. God has been so good to us, providing everything that we have needed, we are so grateful! Please pray with us that the sale of this house would be concluded and that we could finally finish our move to Ohio. We appreciate all your support as we continue our adventure. We'd love to have you to our're all welcome!

The Heart of Rock and Roll...

... is in Cleveland...and so were we for a night. We spent the night in the home city of the rock and roll hall of fame and met up with Jeremy's parents. We played in the pool at the hotel and enjoyed a beautiful morning at the shore of Lake Erie. It was wonderful to catch up with dear family, even if it was very quick!
It was so great to play out side without worrying about nasty cicadas getting caught in our hair! Jerusha loved playing in the waves, something we have deeply missed doing since leaving the west coast.
Naomi ("Noamers" as she's called) and I at a rest stop, stretching our legs and downing some tasty strained beans...Mmmm.... Noamers has taken off with her crawling...literally. It has become a family endevour to keep track of where she is in relation to whatever she's not supposed to get into. She is ALWAYS on the move!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Jerusha's enjoying the fizzy stuff....a rare treat! Jeremy turned 32 on Saturday....Happy birthday! We spent the afternoon at Findlay Farmer's Market enjoying the sights sounds and smells of downtown Cincinnati. It was a beautiful afternoon and we simply loved being together just our family as we navigated "Over the Rhine" which is the shady part of town, but it has a lot of character. Later in the evening Jeremy and I left the girls with a babysitter and went out for a date. I am so thankful for Jeremy and the adventure we get to share together.....was that a little sappy? You can deal with's my blog :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

10 Months Today!

Here's the little Yankee Doodle, sitting by the pool, having a BBQ and generally enjoying baby-hood. Naomi has decided that she prefers to swim in a nicely warmed pool (or bath tub) and has no desire to splashing about willy-nilly in some chilly pool thank you very much. But she does look smashing in her swim suit doesn't she? Naomers (our nic-name for her) is crawling at super speeds and makes a bee-line for anything that looks like it belongs to Jerusha. She's also becoming familiar with certain songs and loves to do "actions" to them ("Joy Joy" is her favourite). She just made it to 18 pounds so every little roll that you see in this picture has been hard fought for! She is such a joy!

Monday, June 2, 2008


"From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise, O Lord." - Psalm 8:2

As we are inendated with these nasty secadas, I witnessed something lovely.

Jerusha got a new "polka dotty" dress, and for her, as with many little girls, the quality of the dress is in direct relation to how well it twirls. It doesn't matter if it fits, if it twirls, we'll take it! So there she was, oblivious to everything around her, singing "You Are My All in All" to God and completely enjoying all that it is to be a little girl. She was an absolute delight and I'm pretty sure her Heavenly Father was delighted too.

It caused me to think...when was the last time I put down my to-do list and just took in the moment and delighted in my Heavenly Father?......Maybe I'll go put on a dress.....