Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Plague!!

The picture really doesn't do it justice. Last summer we heard of these nasty bugs called secadas. They are bugs that nest in the ground for (get this) 17 years and then rise up and there's a nasty infestation for about 2 months where they take over. They're about 2.5 inches long and they're even louder than traffic on the major highway. Yes, that's right, they rise up from the dead like zombies and fly around for a while and then die, only to return 17 years later. Doesn't this sound like an Egytptian plague? People talk as if this is normal....IT'S NOT!!! Well, now there's apparently a "pod" that is about to "hatch" this summer and we have begun to see evidence of them in our own backyard. Our original plan was to go on sabatical when the bugs where due to come out, but there's a new "pod" that has taken us off guard. I think I'll stock up on supplies and hide out...I like being outdoors and bugs don't usually bother me but these aren't bugs.....they're the un-dead!

A Family Visit

We had a wonderful visit from my (April) cousin Lydia Hamm and her husband Phil. It was such a treat to see them (it had been many years). We took in the Creation Museum in Kentucky the Conservatory and lots of visiting. Phil even worked on my computer and it's running nicely...Thanks Phil!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lance Armstrong has nothing on us!

A beautiful Saturday afternoon beckoned us to the Loveland Bike Trail. It's a paved trail that goes through a historic part of town and then on for about 40 miles.....we didn't do the whole thing (obviously) Jerusha had become quite confident at riding her bike. She's even perfected her "wave while riding" technique. She was realizing that though she was concerned for her safety, she also wished to show camaraderie to the other bicyclists she came across. "How do I wave and not fall off?" she asked. So she thought about it and the next time we went for a ride she had it. Keeping her hand on the handle bars, she wiggles her fingers. She'd be more than happy to show you how, she gives tutorials on the Bike Trail to anyone who asks.

Naomi thus far has been a pretty content baby. I know it's not really fair to compare them, but Roo was quite motivated as a baby and Naomi has been happy to lay there and smile at you.....until this week. Something happened to that little girl, she saw something, she wanted it so she decided to go for it. And now that she realizes that crawling is a viable option there is no more sitting around for that girl! She is showing us a tenacious side of herself and we are loving it! What a joy to watch little girls grow!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We start them young! Naomi did a great job of, well, sitting there and looking cute, but she does it so well!
This would be so much easier with a belt! Jerusha is discovering the joy that is the Stobbe backside!

The Road is Narrow

When I think of Kentucky I usually think of Fried Chicken.... We spent a day in the Red River Gorge as a family before Jeremy left for school for two weeks. Jerusha proved to be a fearless hiker much to her parent's delight!

Welcome to our world!

Well, here we are. New to the whole blogging phenomenon and ready to get started. I hope you enjoy!