Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So much has happened since I last logged on so here's a quick I'm sure you surmised from the title. ...

In November my Grandma Helen Letkeman passed away. It was not unexpected and to be honest, the first thing I felt was relief, she had wanted to go home to quite some time. Eli and I flew west to be at the funeral and just to be with family.

Christmas came and went at lightning speed. Jerusha got an ipod and has been bopping around the house listening to Highschool Muscial. Naomi got her first bike and with the weather being snowy, has really mastered making the sharp corners as she wizzes by in the basement. Elijah, well, he just sat there and took it all in.

We went up to Newmarket to be with family the day after Christmas (Boxing Day) and got to go to the Holmes' family gathering, always great to be with family!

The New Year came, the ball dropped, Dick Clark didn't look quite as bad as he did last year, school started again (yeah!) and now, Jeremy is in Haiti.

Yep, Haiti. He's there with folks from our church (including our senior pastor) and he's preparing the mission trip that he will lead the youth to in June.

Phew! Now that we're on the same page I'll try to keep you posted weekly.