Monday, May 9, 2011

What Life Sounds Like

"Music is what life sounds like." - Eric Olson

Mondays are full. Somehow there's always more laundry than usual and after taking as much as a Sabbath as I can, it seems I play "catch-up" on Mondays. In the evening, after a quick snack and half of a practice Jerusha has piano lessons. Off to Mrs. Willmann's we go, the little ones and I go for a walk if it's nice, or read books in the van if it isn't and Jerusha comes bounding out of her house excited to start on the next page of a piece that is quickly becoming her favourite.

Jerusha has impressed me with her musical abilities, even as a really little girl, she always sang on key which I never thought much of until I listened to other kids singing, and now she has piano....what a blessing to express yourself in music! She is quickly moving on to more difficult (and more lovely) songs and I frequently hear her playing just for fun. She really cracks me up with her aria entitled "candy" (things that inspire I suppose!) We have a tradition in our house, each child has their own "song", a hymn that I've sung to them since before they were born, partly out of wanting to nurture, and partly out of curiosity about a study I had heard of. Anyways, Jerusha's song is "Like a River Glorious" and just lately she's been singing along with me adding her own harmonies, she took it to the next level a couple nights ago as she came up with a three part harmony arrangement and recruited Jeremy to join in.....I don't think it happened quite as she had heard it in her head ah, the joys and frustrations of a composer! Whether it's a favourite song on the radio or a cherished song of worship to the greatest Composer, I hope you get a chance to enjoy some music this week!

"Alas for those that never sing
but die with all their music in them!"
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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alisa.tobin said...

Thanks for the refreshing reminder of the Worship that our Composer deserves:) You are such a blessing. I hope that your mother's day was filled with joy. You deserve the best. Thanks for always being one of my favorite mother figures. I pray that one day I can be an example like you are. I love you April Joy:)