Monday, May 2, 2011


Last month we had record amounts of rain. It feels as if it's been raining for 40 days and 40 nights, one local nursery had a sign in the front saying that they were building an arc and anyone who felt it was necessary was welcome to join them. Usually I don't mind the rain but it's starting to get old. Jerusha's soccer season has come to a halt, they were supposed to start in March but they've only had two games, one of which my parents were able to watch (mostly from the van as it was, yes you guessed it, raining!) BUT, on a very special Saturday we had one beautiful sunny day....and a very fun birthday party!

On April 16th Jeremy was ordained. It was a long process of study and defending his theology and doctrine in front of three different councils and then the vote was unanimous to ordain him. The service was such a blessing, with a dear friend Ken Atchison giving the message, our friends leading worship and many friends and even family there to support him. It was such a worshipful time and during the laying on of hands such a Spirit-filled time, it is a very cherished memory for both of us. We've always felt the Call to minister in a church setting and have been serving for 11 years now, but this felt somewhat like a confirmation and to have the support of the church, our denomination is such a blessing.

On April 21st Jerusha turned 7. it always shocking to watch your children grow? I know they do that, it somehow just surprises me at times. On her birthday, Roo and I went for a bike ride at the end of it we told her that her bike was simply too small and she's not able to ride it anymore. A very disappointed Miss. Taylor schlepped her way up the driveway when Jeremy brought out a new bike for her to ride. Needless to say her schlepping turned to skipping and off we went on another bike ride! We had her party here at the house last Saturday and with all we did in a very busy weekend that was by far the most exhausting! She had a blast and it was well worth it!

Naomi has mastered her name! She'd be happy to spell it for you and she's super close to being able to write it for you too. ("A" gives her a bit of trouble but she's almost there) Naomi has been very inquisitive about spiritual things lately. We took our time working through the Easter story, at our church we have a prayer garden that takes you through the garden of Gethsemane through to the empty tomb and we stood there for a while looking in the tomb to see if Jesus was in there. ( while we did not see Jesus, Naomi did see an empty Coke can) She is becoming aware that we all have a big problem and the God loved us so much He came to rescue us. I love being on the "ground level" of teaching these truths to her, what an awesome responsibility!

Elijah has decided that sitting still is for the birds so off he went learning to crawl just this week. My parents we out to visit for Jeremy's ordination and Jerusha's and my birthday and I really thought he would take off then, but he decided a week later was a better fit for his schedule. He's on the move......really on the move.....and quite proud of himself too!

That's all I have to report for now. I haven't written for a while as our computer had all but died, but thanks to some tax cuts (Thank you, Obama) we have a new one! I look forward to keeping you up to date! And maybe, just maybe, this rain will stop.....if not, I'm getting a canoe!

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