Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sweaty Palms

Alright, so this picture isn't completely true. We couldn't get a good angle when Jerusha preformed at her spring recital so we had her pose at the piano afterwards. However, we did have the great joy of listening to our eldest child preform "Power Walk" by Robert D. Vandall. She memorized the piece and played it flawlessly she was completely professional. I however, had the sweaty palms that is all too familiar, I was instantly whisked back to a time in my childhood when it's silent and all eyes are on me waiting for me to begin. I'm so glad it wasn't me up there! When I told Jerusha that her recital would be in the sanctuary at church and that she would be playing on the grand piano, the one Pastor Geary plays on no less, she looked up at me and said, "will Dad be preaching?" Love it! This girl is ready to bring it! Move over George Beverly Shae (that reference was for the grandparents!) (you're welcome!) How fun put your children through those same torturous rites of passage that we had to go through, I'll just sit comfortably in the audience....with sweaty palms.

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